Nemanja Stancic

Nemanja Stancic

Currently working as CEO of New and Rising Mobile Studio.
Belgrade, Serbia
  • Creative Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Windows
  • Windows Mobile
Drey Corporation

Windows Phone Developer @Drey Corporation • Co-Founder


Stellup • Co-Founder

Stellup is a fundraising platform on mobile & web for schools& universities

Newsly Reader

Newsly Reader • Co-Founder

Newsly, because you deserve to read more

Team Luna

Team Luna • Co-Founder


Drobio • Employee

Social network for people with style.

Metropolitan Univerzitet

Metropolitan Univerzitet

Computer Software Engineering 2011 - 2014

Matematicka Gimnazija

Matematicka Gimnazija

Mathematics 2007 - 2011


Alejandro Ponce recommended Stellup where Nemanja is Co-Founder

I am very happy to recommend Giuseppe and his team. I personally know Giuseppe since 2012 as we worked together at Rocket Internet for over 3 years. I have co-founded an online food delivery app with Giuseppe across Latin America and built the company from scratch to an organization employing over 200 people and with thousand daily orders. Giuseppe has been an outstanding partner and would really recommend anyone to start an entrepreneurial project with him.
I believe Giuseppe and its team have the professional experience and network to execute Stellup and contribute to StartEd. Giuseppe’s experience at Rocket Internet has definitely been instrumental for building strong knowledge and skills they will need to succeed with Stellup, such as executing fast, hiring talent and growing their business. Having seen Giuseppe building other ventures directly, I am confident he will choose the best team for making this successful.
Alejandro Ponce - CEO Boompi / Previous CEO hellofood LatAm

Ari Tulla Advisor at Stellup recommended Stellup where Nemanja is Co-Founder

It's my pleasure to recommend Vincenzo Belpiede.

I am CEO & Co-­Founder at BetterDoctor and I worked with Vincenzo at Nokia. We both worked as intrapreneurs building new businesses inside and got to know each other while driving Nokia to innovate faster.

We both worked in the app store division on different yet related projects. We often met to discuss and share ideas on how to best solve the challenges while innovating in a large enterprise and striving to create value for developers. Vincenzo knows a lot about mobile apps and is well ­networked globally.

Stellup team has the right ingredients to successfully execute the idea: they have a very clear and focused first problem they are aiming at solving (bring alumni networking to mobile), they have a team of developers and designers that built and brought to market various products.