Neville Richards

Neville Richards

Experienced software architect & developer. I've launched few small start-ups now looking to grow & make a difference to peoples lives
General Engineer • Data Science
Sydney, Australia
  • Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analysis
  • Embedded Software
  • Project Coordination
  • Web Applications

CTO @Genomix • Co-Founder

Ending ageing through advanced data

Health Copilot

CTO @Health Copilot • Co-Founder

Manage chronic disease with consumer technology & clinical analytics

Nov '16

Amazing things Neville's made
I've developed a popular free 3d modeller & renderer and a machine vision system for a large collection of people. I've also worked on several large projects including Expedia, Vodafone site, iVote online voting and various operating systems and hardware drivers. Some past projects and startups include;
- NSW Electoral Commission - Online voting system (>300k users)
- Blue Refraction (startup) - AI based web site analyser
- Acappella (startup) - AI & advanced audio processing (limited market)
- Oriental Indulgence (startup/ecommerce) - Online store. Developed the platform & store. (limited market)
- Machine Vision (POC) - Motion capture & security POC
- Breeze Designer (startup/freeware) - 3D modeller & ray-tracer
- Expedia - Dev. lead - trip routing, internationalization
- ABC Decart - Dev. lead - Multi-user, real-time, non-destructive editing audio platform
- Toshiba - Prototype tablet project software with handwriting recognition

Allen Smith recommended Genomix where Neville is Co-Founder

Neville Richards is an accomplished technologist with a passion in health and wellbeing. He has extensive experience bringing together robust scalable technical solutions to the most challenging problems. I am excited to see the platform Neville and Alyse are creating as I believe it can have wide reaching benefits across many aspects of healthcare.

Alexey Feigin Cofounder at Tapview recommended Genomix where Neville is Co-Founder

Alyse has both a very clear vision for using cutting-edge technological advances to improve human health, as well as the skills required for bringing the right people together to make it happen. I have seen firsthand that she is diligent in her market research and great at actively finding relevant experts and partnerships. I would endorse Alyse and Genomix for any startup accelerator program.

Allen Smith recommended Genomix where Neville is Co-Founder

Kristina Craig Director, Head of Innovation Lab at KPMG Australia recommended Genomix where Neville is Co-Founder

Alyse is a visionary at heart with a great sense and awareness of cutting edge technology and innovation. Her passion for human longevity coupled with her entrepreneurial mindset, tenacity and ability to execute are second to none - I have no hesitation in recommending her and Genomix.

James Jansson Cofounder at Tapview recommended Genomix where Neville is Co-Founder

Alyse Sue is an individual committed to bettering human health and extending life through the use of technology. Her startup, Genomix, is a natural extension of her vision, putting technology into the hands of everyday people while pushing the underlying technology and research forward.

Nelson Lau recommended Genomix where Neville is Co-Founder

As a medical practitioner, I think the idea of the patient having more agency over their own genomic data and making it available in the marketplace to help facilitate research as well as being financially compensated for it opens up a whole range of opportunities for both the patient and the researchers. The fact that they can be followed up if they wish to and that they can also provide more detailed demographics including their gender and ethnicity means that the more granular datasets enables the researchers to potentially provide solutions that will ultimately lead to the provision of effective personalised medicine.

From their successful track record and experience, I believe Maria and Alyse have the ability to create a startup that has the potential to disrupt the current status quo in relation to the ownership of, the use of, and the ongoing access to a patient's genomic data.