YouStartIT Validator 2020
YouStartIT Validator 2020 Pre-acceleration Programme designed for prospect digital entrepreneurs


Andrew Cachia
Andrew Cachia CTO Software developer specialized in AI, FinTech and VR


Omar Debono

I have known Andrew for the past 4 years both in the professional and social circles. He was introduced to me as The Technical Guru of the organisation he was working for; and rightly so today I can confirm no statement can fit him better than that given the numerous conversations we had on different technologies, their applications and impact on the communities. I’m confident that one day he will become a reference point in technology and innovation with particular focus on AI to numerous people. I consider Andrew as a reliable person and can handle pressure when working on specific tasks and tight deadlines. He is definitely a team player and ready to share technical knowledge to others. Andrew is driven, self-confident, proactively helpful, and smart. I really look forward to see Andrew on that pinnacle of success once he will start his new venture.

Alexiei Dingli

I supervised and overviewed the work he did through his master's dissertation, and can vouch for his technical competence in working with innovative technologies, including VR and AI. He also demonstrated his capability to lead the project from various angles, including corresponding with the various departments involved in the project, as well as presenting the project at conferences. He was a very good student, hardworking, very ambitious and capable of conducting an independent study on various topics. He is a very professional individual and has proven himself as a person of high integrity. His strengths lie in the fact that he is capable of building bridges between different topics, assimilating the knowledge obtained and swiftly understanding the underlying challenges. He is also a highly motivated individual, capable of working on his own initiative thus ensuring successful completion of projects within their stipulated timeframes.

Keith Cortis

I’ve known Andrew since 2017 and had the pleasure of working with him at a Maltese startup,, which focused on AI and FinTech. As Project Development Manager, I worked closely with Andrew on projects I managed. He was a natural technical leader with an aptitude for learning and ability to adapt to any new technology. He was always the go-to person for new software developers joining the company. Andrew was reliable and could be entrusted with ownership of large-scale projects. He was an inspiration to the entire team and someone to look up to for any technical capability. He also had a great know-how of emerging technologies and was at the forefront of any new AI-powered functionality developed in our products. I’ve always anticipated that Andrew would be an innovator and entrepreneur especially due to the well-rounded skillset he possesses from both a business and technical aspect. He is also a great communicator, an essential skill for technical leaders.