Nsikan Essien Benson

Nsikan Essien Benson

I run Fashion outfit that trains individuals,makes clothing and footwear
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Uyo, Nigeria
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Netima Design and Beauty Academy

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UBA Group

UBA Group

Jan '10 - Jan '11 (1 year)

Amazing things Nsikan's made
The footwear brand Netima ‘Happy feet’ is a stylish, flexible, flat shoes for shoe lovers who crave comfort, made in diverse designs, colors and sizes, produced with a focus on being viewed as a fashionable, convenient, quality flat shoes with durable soles made with recycled hardened rubber,a snug fitting and comfortable walking flatshoes that will also be sold via our ecommerce website, when it comes up. www.NetimaHappyfeet.com.
Netima Happy Feet flat shoe is flexible, rollable, compact to carry around, enough to fit in a small clutch purse or a small bag, created to help maintain a healthy balance, made in diverse colors and sizes. We have a line of hand crafted pieces that represent our African heritage. Netima Happy feet are designed to appear sleek, sophisticated, and simple. Our packaging for the product, a shoebox, also reflects on all of these characteristics
University of Calabar (UNICAL)

University of Calabar (UNICAL)