Odero  Otieno, B.Eng

Odero Otieno, B.Eng

Toronto-based software engineer and serial technological entrepreneur who's passionate about global health and financial inclusion.
Full Stack Dev
Toronto, Canada
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Entrepreneur
  • Software Engineering
HealthBank Technologies Inc.

CEO @HealthBank Technologies Inc. • Co-Founder

Jul '20 - Present (9 months)

DawaSwift Technologies

CEO @DawaSwift Technologies • Co-Founder

Get It Now!

Aug '18 - Present (2 years 8 months)

TechAngle Young Leaders Initiative

Founder and President @TechAngle Young Leaders Initiative • Co-Founder

Sep '17 - Present (3 years 7 months)

Google for Startups

Code-U Summer Intern @Google for Startups Unconfirmed

For those who never stop starting

May '17 - Present (3 years 11 months)

St. Mary's Kachar Girls Secondary School

Honorary Member of Board of Management @St. Mary's Kachar Girls Secondary School • Employee

Apr '17 - Present (4 years)

National Society of Black Engineers

Vice President-Membership @National Society of Black Engineers • Employee

Mar '17 - Present (4 years 1 month)

Google for Startups

Engineering Practicum Candidate @Google for Startups Unconfirmed

For those who never stop starting

Dec '16 - Present (4 years 4 months)


Founder and Vice President @SomoNyale.org • Employee

Jan '16 - Present (5 years 3 months)


HealthBank • Co-Founder

HealthBank Technologies

HealthBank Technologies • Co-Founder


CEO @NextPesa • Co-Founder

A chat & agency-banking mobile money payments and p2p transfers platform.


DawaSwift • Co-Founder

Amazing things Odero 's made
With my team, I have built DawaSwift, which is an on-demand medicine delivery and taxi-hailing platform targeting emerging markets but starting in Kenya.
In 2019, DawaSwift was accepted into the Next Canada accelerator in Toronto and successfully graduated after achieving many milestones that pushed it to the launch stage.

With offices in Toronto, Nairobi and Montreal, DawaSwift is on a mission to eliminate the barriers of availability, affordability and accessibility of health services globally. Please see more on: dawaswift.com/about-us.html
McGill University

McGill University

Bachelor of Tech. Entrepreneurship May 2017 - Present

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Bachelor of Computer Engineering Mar 2016 - Present