Andrew's Roadmaps: Application
Andrew's Roadmaps: Application Apply now to the March 14 - 15th Roadmap to Entrepreneurship course.


Timothy Morey

Stress is the big killer in modern lives. But we don't treat it too seriously because is underlies other illnesses rather than impacting us directly. We think we can "bank" our stress, and then draw it down when we have time using relaxation and wellness. The Olive Labs team are approaching stress management in the right way - as something that is with us all the time and managed in small increments. Their understanding of product development, technology and the science of stress makes them a strong team to take on this challenge.

Pablo Paredes

Hardy and the team behind Olive Labs are getting into one of the most interesting journeys in technology development. Getting to help people manage theirs stress, is equivalent to support people to develop their human potential. There is a lot of work ahead and a lot of potential risks, but the potential wins are huge. Hardy and his experience with positive psychology and meditation, as well as his experience as a product designer is great. The difference between Olive Labs and other companies is not that they want to challenge a serious and important problem for humanity, but that they are using well applied design to do it. The main problem preventing psychology and technology to work effectively together is design experience, which Hardy and his team mates have.. I recommend their work so far, and their vision for success.