Are you applying as part of a team that is *not* legally constituted, or as an individual? Great, this form is for you. If not, go to: (for public limited companies, private limited companies, limited liability partnerships, or other types of legally constituted organisations). Have questions about the application form? Send an email to with the subject "Application form question - YOUR NAME OR ORGANISATION", including your phone number, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Character limits, where applicable, are indicated in the answer boxes. Questions marked with * must be completed.

Terms & Conditions

Product eligibility criteria

About you or your team

Contact and team members

Each team must nominate one person as team leader. This person will be the primary point of contact for the Open Up Challenge. If you are applying as an individual and not as part of a team, please still identify yourself as the team leader.


This section covers what you plan to build during the Innovation Stage of the challenge (July-December 2017).

Market, business model and funding

Team and track record

Please complete this section even if you are applying as an individual and not as part of a team.

Due diligence

This information will be used to carry out due diligence (including background and media checks) on shortlisted entrants. The purpose of the due diligence is to protect the reputation of the challenge and entrants to it. We will not automatically exclude applicants from the challenge based on responses to the questions below.

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest must be declared, but do not preclude you from entering the competition.

Additional questions

Your responses will not be assessed.