Opio David

Opio David

A change maker inspired by his experiences growing up in an off-grid community to build digital solutions to help companies deliver services
General Business • Financial
Kampala, Uganda
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  • Credit Risk
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  • Off-Grid Solar Home Systems
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A cleantech startup driving the energy transition through data

Jan '17 - Present (4 years 2 months)

Amazing things Opio's made
David Opio is a Ugandan entrepreneur who built to scale Ensibuuko, a fintech provider of solutions to the village banking sector in Uganda.

Our flagship product, Solar Sentra is a next-generation PayGo system coupled with hardware that caters for the core business and technical requirements of solar companies. Solar Sentra
enables solar companies to manage the sale, delivery, installation and after-sales services by helping them manage customer data, credit scoring, payments, installation mappings and inventory among others.

The incorporated hardware includes energy sensors for monitoring energy consumption and a GSM microchip for tracking and preventing tampering of solar products by the customers.

Some of the other particular functionalities of the hardware include measurement of sunlight intensity, detecting and alerting customers of overload, in-depth solar system diagnostics, real-time GPS location of devices and system fault detection. The hardware was designed in-house

Institute of computer Science  and Techn

Institute of computer Science and Techn

UTAMU Jul 2013 - May 2015

Makerere University

Makerere University

Graduated 2007

St. Lawrence High School

St. Lawrence High School

Graduated 2006


Kiseka Lamwaka Sales at GNUGRID AFRICA LTD

It is my pleasure to recommend Opio Obwangami David for your program. Opio and I have worked closely in gnuGrid Africa. In my official capacity, I serve as the Chief Operations Officer for gnuGrid Africa, Ugandan clean tech company that is driving energy transition through data while facilitating access of the BOP to clean energy. 
Over the course of my career, very rarely have I met individuals with the vision, leadership and capacity to significantly impact the lives of so many as Opio. He has overcome extraordinary personal circumstances to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with top young leaders worldwide, and has been an inspiration to so many in Uganda and in the international community through his work with gnuGrid Africa.
Opio’s vision for groundbreaking change is exemplified foremost in his vision through gnuGrid, a CleanTech startup that is driving energy inclusion and transition through data.

Joseph Kaizzi CEO at Thinvoid recommended GNUGRID AFRICA LTD where Opio is Co-Founder

GNU Grid Africa has made it easier for solar companies to monitor their installations and optimize cost in the long run. As a customer, I have witnessed first hand, the value that GNU's system brings to the solar industry. From enabling us cutback on operational maintenance expenses, to alerting us when a system is about to go down - GNU has indeed built a great product.

Dradriga Patrick CFO at YASA UGANDA recommended GNUGRID AFRICA LTD where Opio is Co-Founder

This is a great developmental movement for the services in demand for the people and with a genuine aim to change people’s lives and improve their living status.
I recommend it

Jane Nakimbugwe recommended GNUGRID AFRICA LTD where Opio is Co-Founder

Hello, my name is Jane Nakimbugwe. I am the Co-founder and Managing Director of Solar Nation. I am happy to recommend gnuGrid for this program. Through there flagship product Solar Sentra, gnuGrid Africa is helping us with digitalization of our business operations from sales, customer recruitment, payments, orders and solar systems monitoring. Solar Sentra has a dashboard which summarizes all the different data sets from our business operations. We use these data sets to inform us of our key strategic business decisions making. They also provide us with hardware solutions such; as GSM for facilitating pay-go and energy sensors which helps in the monitoring the health status of the solar system, customer mapping and real-time troubleshooting of installed solar systems.The sensors also provide us with real-time data on sunshine hours, load, power generation vs power consumed. We have decided to make it a culture in our organization that every solar product that is sold has energy sensor

Kaitesi Jackie recommended GNUGRID AFRICA LTD where Opio is Co-Founder


I am writing to recommend the services of GNugrid Africa Limited. They not only have contemporary technologies and solutions that are helpful in the management process of energy companies but also promote energy access through provision of sustainable technologies that help to remotely monitor systems installed.

GNugrid's solutions are up-to-date and are customised to one's needs at affordable rates. This makes them exceptional and more unique compared to similar providers.

I confidently recommend them for any position or undertaking they choose to purse.


Jackline Kaitesi
Assistant Project Manager
Power Trust Uganda Limited

Tony Ssimbwa recommended GNUGRID AFRICA LTD where Opio is Co-Founder

I am happy to be associated with GNUGRID AFRICA LTD, GNUGRID, have introduced a timely technology into our business at POwer Trust Uganda Limited, We recently signed an MOU with them to Pilot there web based monitoring technology and Online Payment and credit management system, There solution has been a missing link in Our business, which I believe its the same challenge in all our local solar companies. There Solution not only helps to tack, customers, facilitates debt monitoring through remote switching on/off ability and remote monitoring of our solar systems but it also enable us keep an organized Data bank for all our customers, there system will move a great mile in saving us on the Loss of data. IF GNUGRID is given more support, it will have capacity even to build systems which will contribute much in improving efficiency in the operations of Solar companies. Because we are at a time, where you cant separate Technology from Busine.

Tony Ssimbwa- Founder, Power Trust (u) LTD