Optyn lets you create awesome email marketing campaigns that are 100% mobile responsive in a few minutes or less. It's email marketing made simple for the rest of us....
Optyn lets you create awesome email marketing campaigns that are 100% mobile responsive in a few minutes or less. It's email marketing made simple for the rest of us.
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Lou Morales is a strong strategic leader with outstanding business acumen and people skills. He excels at creating solutions that drive profitable outcomes and is of the highest level of integrity. I have enjoyed my professional relationship with Lou and have greatly benefited from knowing him.

Gaurav worked for me as a Lead Developer. He is a hard worker, well-rounded and committed to delivery. He helped me out of many tough situations when projects weren't going to hit the client timelines!

Working with Lou on a recent website re-design, I quickly experienced his clear understanding of digital marketing. His grasp on the strategic opportunity for digital marketing as well as his technical skills became very evident. Lou's perspective on the need for digital marketing to interface with the end-user in an experiential manner grounds his developmental efforts. I enjoyed working with Lou

I worked with Gaurav on software development on my own start-up, TwoCents Social. Gaurav is a fantastic hacker / code ninja with business skills. He was instrumental in leading a development team to produce a quality product on time and on budget. He was very good at quickly adapting to evolving business requirements. He's exactly the kind of person an early stage start-up needs to get rolling!

Senior Director, Marketing, Restaurant.com Incentive & Loyalty Solutions, Restaurant.com

In my 15+ year career history, working at GE with Lou Morales stands out as one of the highlights of my career. Lou is a leader and innovator who pushes the boundaries of the businesses he manages. He challenges his peers and colleagues to think strategically. He stands head and shoulders above any other senior executive I have ever worked with. To this day, when I need advice, I call Lou.

Gaurav is a geek with a business hat always ON. A minimalist. His code and communication are just enough to pass on the right message & not overloaded with bells & whistles. Gaurav works hard, smartly. He will never compromize his ethics & honesty, even if that means walking away from a billion dollar deal.

I highly recommend him & wish him all the success he deserves to have in his career.

Lou was a mentor of mine at the Founder Institute, his experience in tech and new business was greatly helpful throughout the program and has been a utilized resource since graduation. He provides clear feedback, a desire to understand and learn as well as heartfelt support. He has long expressed a desire to get back into the trenches and I believe he would do well in any accelerator environment.

Jasmin Besic
Co-Founder, Dealster

I've had the pleasure to work with Alen and Lou on Dealster.com. I had a wonderful experience in watching Alen and Lou develop and grow the business from just a simple idea to selling it with multiple interests. I'm excited to see what Alen will think of next and hopefully they both will continue their trend of bringing ideas to life. From an employee perspective, Alen always empowered us to do better. I always liked that.

I have had the pleasure of working with Alen during both the Zima, Inc and Dealster, Inc days. He is a very entrepreneurial minded individual with great leadership, marketing and execution skills. He has been an amazing mentor since our early days of working together and has thought me many lessons regarding properly running a start-up, especially in the technology and marketing department.

In the words of JB Pritzker, "bet on the jockey". JB says he'll put his money on the entrepreneur vs the idea in most cases. Well Lou Morales is a proven jockey worth betting on. He has built and exited, mentored entrepreneurs actively and is now ready to do it again with a fresh idea. Lou is driven and committed to turn his idea into reality. A guy worth betting on!

Bjørn Forsberg
Mentor - Service Center, Saxo Bank

I've had the pleasure of Gaurav as the lead dev on our project for more than a year. He quickly proved a real asset, and someone who I would more than happily recommend. He's friendly and an excellent communicator, written and verbally, and asks intelligent questions when needed. He always seems to find the solution that fits the need perfectly, instead of trying to make the need fit the solution.

I worked with Alen while I was at TrypleD. Alen has built and managed very profitable businesses like Dealster.com He is always a step ahead of the competition and always makes himself available to those that request his time. -Omar, Founder at TrypleD and Product Manager

I have worked with Alen in the past and his skillset is greatly suited for any company, but particularly startups. He has strong technical knowledge and the ability to move fluidly between roles. Alen always has a strong vision and I have seen first hand his ability to make effective plans for the future to meet his company's goals.

Alen has been an amazing mentor since the day I met him a few years back. He is never too busy to provide well-thought, constructive feedback. Alen is a true student of the game and his combination of technical and business/marketing expertise is world-class. It would be hard to imagine anything Alen gets involved with not becoming a success because of his unparalleled drive and determination.

Alen Malkoc is one of the brightest stars in the Chicago Tech and Start Up Scene. I have had the good fortune to work with Alen on a few projects and am interested in any project he launches! He is a rare breed who has the technical acumen to deploy technology he envisions and skills to explain the newly deployed technology to End Users so that they can best utilize the tools that he has created.

Alan has the entrepreneurial spirit and is also an opportunist. Alan's experience of working in the start-up arena is very good, he has the ability to identify needs in the market and execute plans to fill that need.

Alan also see's the big picture for a start-up which includes an exit plan at right time. The timing of selling both his deals sites was perfect.

A serial entrepreneur in the making.