Heidi Lim
Nicholas Flanders
Nicholas Flanders CEO Passionate about using technology to save the environment. Resilient entrepreneur and optimistic leader.


Brian Bartholomeusz Executive Director, Innovation Transfer at TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy - Stanford University

The novel localized production of carbon monoxide and other products from CO2 that Opus12 enables has the potential to be a disruptive platform for both CO2 mitigation and the production of key raw materials for the specialty chemicals and liquid fuels markets. A credible array of future customers have validated the key value propositions of their technology including the economic incentive for companies to utilize their CO2 emissions to make higher value chemicals. The talented multi-faceted team has the requisite skills and expertise to realize their technology and business objectives and this has been more than validated by the progress they have made in a very short time span. In addition, the strong business relationships they have forged with key strategic partners has served to significantly enhance and de-risk their business model and scaling potential.

Julio Friedmann

Opus 12 is a a fast moving, inventive, creative company working on an important problem - recycling CO2. They have a very sophisticated process that does one-step electrocatalysis to turn CO2 into products using green electrons. Their products can substitute for fossil fuels equivalents, and have the potential as they scale to deeply reduce carbon emissions from the petrochemical and refining sectors. If successful, Opus-12 would become a pick-and-shovel supplier to a circular carbon economy.
They show exceptional technical and business leadership, and their diverse leadership team represents the best in entrepreneurship. Their fast growth reflects their spirit and the confidence of their early backers. Watch these guys - they're going places. Even better - invest in these guys.