Timeline for Open Call 2017

Timeline for open call 2017: - 1 June: Launch of open call - 31 Aug, 23:50 (CEST): Deadline for Applicants - 15 Sep: Notification to applicants - 28 Sep: Deadline for requested updates - 2 Oct: Final notification - 13 Oct: Deadline for signed experiment agreement/pre-payment report - Nov-March: Experimentation Period. - 31 March 2018: End of Experimentation Period

Please read the Open Call instructions on before working on your proposal.

Team Details

We need to get some specific information from you regarding your team members to verify that you satisfy the conditions for experiment funding. All applicants will be required to provide proof of eligibility in the event that your application is successful. Please note: Internet Explorer users should switch browsers to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in order to use this application form. If you wish to upload any files to support your application you will need to have installed Adobe Flash Player.

Your Experiment Idea

Experiment process

Experiment funding

Experiment ethics & privacy