Ori Kadosh

Ori Kadosh

VideoTherapy Ltd.

Full Stack developer @VideoTherapy Ltd. • Employee

Clinically proven data driven solution for home based Physical therapy

Jan '16 - Present (5 years 3 months)

Meddalia Digital (former Kampyle)

Engineer @Meddalia Digital (former Kampyle)

Jul '13 - Jan '16 (2 years 6 months)


Ran Schwarzkopf MD Assistant Professor/Orthopaedic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center recommended VideoTherapy Ltd. where Ori is Employee

VideoTherapy is a leading innovative company in the field of telemedicine. It enables the providers to increase patient engagement and satisfaction while decreasing the cost of an episode of care. VideoTherapy does all this while preserving the value of care we provide for our patients.

Eyal Bino Co-Founder at Binito recommended VideoTherapy Ltd. where Ori is Employee

Roy and Shai are two of the hardest working entrepreneurs I've worked with at ICONYC labs. They developed a great product and we're excited to see them grow and become a market leader in the tele-health space. A pleasure to work with, we see only great things for VideoTherapy over the next few months and years.

Arie Abecassis Advisor at Pitaya Technologies recommended VideoTherapy Ltd. where Ori is Employee

Tele-medicine is already emerging as one of the next big trends in healthcare, given its many benefits including lower costs and patient personalization. Roy and Shai at Video Therapy are applying this superior model to one of the largest market segments in the US -- physical therapy. You will be hard-pressed to find a team that has as much domain expertise as they do, or is as dedicated. With a solid base of customers in Israel, they are now ready to take on the US market, with a growing sales pipeline.

John Lemberger Independent Consultant at John Lemberger Consulting recommended VideoTherapy Ltd. where Ori is Employee

After planning , developing and managing services for the aged in Israel,for the past 36 years, I was introduced to Videotherapy by a physiotherapist who heads up PT for a large HMO . Since then I am convinced that this can be an important platform for allowing access to vital rehabilitative training and retention of function for elderly and all those in need of such services. I have helped introduce VT to homes and residences for the elderly, adult day care centers and other organizations who see the potential for their client populations . An important aspect of VT is the clinical, managerial, and financial benefits afforded the professional organization that adopts the platform.

Ralph Jordan Corporate Consulting / Advisory at Healthcare Companies: Digital recommended VideoTherapy Ltd. where Ori is Employee

I was recently introduced to Roy and Shai of Video Therapy and am quite impressed with the company. It would appear that their comprehensive approach to remote physical therapy along with their practical business model will enable them to get quick uptake in capturing share of this extremely large market. Keep an eye out for this one!

Guy Vinograd ☁ CEO at BioT Medical recommended VideoTherapy Ltd. where Ori is Employee

VideoTherapy's vision is an absolute MUST. These guys found a way that can really eliminate the intolerable long lines people wait to get a physiotherapy treatment. Crossing fingers!!!

Uri Goren recommended VideoTherapy Ltd. where Ori is Employee

This is a young, energetic team with a clear vision of reinventing Physical Therapy around the world, making it more engaging, efficient and accessinble