Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas Co-Founder Strategic Planner turned Conscious Entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability and the outdoors.


As humans, most of us make a social contract with ourselves, our families - to maintain clean bedsheets, clean bathrooms, a cleansing shower on most days. Make certain that dog poop is picked up in back yards/on walks, so our neighbors will still like us.
Bio-break needs are ubiquitous for every age human entering public/private/Ntl park lands to recreate, camp or hike. PACT is a call to action for federal/state stewardship of outdoor/wilderness lands. By owning a kit, each of us forms a 'social pact' to manage our Bio needs when out for the day or long weekend. This product WILL become one of the highest human callings, and its THE most cost-effective environmental insurance to carry.

I am 151% behind the concept & leadership ability of this company / their founders, to bring that consciousness to every outdoor enthusiast. One part of the Nature Conservancy mission is to help..."people act to conserve nature for its own sake." PACT is the fulfillment of that statement in action!