Pamela Singh

Pamela Singh

CEO & Co-founder @ CaseCTRL | Systems engineer using my operations research expertise to disrupt the delivery & management of surgical care
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Houston, US
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CEO @CaseCTRL • Co-Founder

Digital Ai surgery management workflows for better revenue & patient care

Jul '19 - Present (2 years 1 month)

General Dynamics

Engineer @General Dynamics • Employee

Booz Allen Hamilton

Senior Consultant @Booz Allen Hamilton Unconfirmed

Houston Methodist

IT Project Manager @Houston Methodist

Jul '16 - Jul '17 (1 year)

Amazing things Pamela's made
A Thriving Cultural Ecosystem / Legacy - Pamela Singh recognized there was limited cultural community exposure for her generation (1st generation Indian immigrants) in the Washington, DC area. She co-founded multiple Indian dance teams & the Sikh Student Association at George Mason University to enrich the ecosystem to foster more cultural awareness for upcoming generations. Her effort's helped girls take part, compete, & win in a male-dominated dance space. The dance teams were recognized internationally & one ultimately crowned "Worlds Best Bhangra Crew" in a dance competition. Pamela was recognized as one of the "Best Female dancers in North America" as well. Gradually her initiatives inspired the community to establish multiple cultural camps and academies. She continues to organize cultural events & competitions across North America, & teaches traditional dance to Texas community members from age 3-60. To date, over 1000 persons have actively engaged with these programs.
George Mason University

George Mason University

Systems Engineering, Operations Research

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Systems Engineering,Technical Management

Lance Black, MD, MBID recommended CaseCTRL where Pamela is Co-Founder
Medical Device Innovation Lead, Texas Medical Center

Surgical coordination and optimization is an insider's game requiring a level of appreciation of not only the different surgical procedures, but how to account for the variable nature of said procedures, the operators, and their patients. CaseCTRL was born from an intimate understanding of the surgical journey, and has demonstrated key outcomes healthcare systems care about. Dr. Dewan and his team have not only built the tool, they live by it.