Parker Jackson

Parker Jackson

Full-stack engineer, at work and in life
Back End Dev • General Business
Boulder, US
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
Brain Child

Engineer @Brain Child • Co-Founder

A global digital birth certificate

Amazing things Parker's made
My house in the mountains outside Boulder!

Jessica Williamson Explorer at Sabbatical recommended Brain Child where Parker is Co-Founder

Having worked with these founders over the period 2013-2017, I can assure you they have an incredibly strong track record of executing and building valuable relationships with potential partners and investors.

Greg, Kara, Sarah, Parker - this is a team of firecrackers. With their proven ability to problem solve both with logistical & relationship challenges, they will be able to navigate around any obstacles.

Greg's extensive birth certificate experience, having fathered two adorable children in recent years, is a bonus. The team has unique insights that others in this space are not incorporating - will be a massive competitive advantage and combined with their insane passion for tackling the fragmented identity space, these founders are unstoppable.

I haven't talked with the team about how they will prioritise with existing commitments, but definitely worth interviewing. You'd be lucky to have them in your portfolio!!