Patrick Muggler

Patrick Muggler

Product mngr & h/w engineer in semi, CE and power electronics (MBA, MSEE)
General Business • Hardware Engineer
Palo Alto, US
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Founder and CEO @AmbyGear • Co-Founder

AmbyGear: A new fun and rewarding use of wearable tech for kids.

Jul '14 - Present (4 years 2 months)


Badgii • Advisor

We invented a new alternative to R.F. and bar codes for tagging things.

Amazing things Patrick's made
- First boosted class-D audio amplifier for mobile phones increasing output power by a factor of 3x.
- First 2x 12W stereo class-D audio amplifier in a 7 x 7 mm package
- First portable audio amplifier with smart-gain AGC and DRC
- First class-H headphone amplifier for mobile phones.

文凯 卢 Founder & CEO at 智造局MAKE Mountain recommended AmbyGear where Patrick is Co-Founder

It's a kids-mate which is more than the safety.

Paolo Werbrouck recommended AmbyGear where Patrick is Co-Founder

AmbyGear is run by a very capable team and has very clear ideas about their market, the opportunity and how to get there. I'm very impressed with their product concept and I'm looking forward to watching their progress . Unlike some start-ups in the wearable space they have many years of experience in hardware engineering and supply chain which will help them be grounded as they grow their company.

Anil Keni recommended AmbyGear where Patrick is Co-Founder

Ambit Networks is creating some incredible products for parents and kids. As a parent myself, I know that the safety and location of my children are critical at all times, especially as they get older and more mobile and get more interactive with their surroundngs. The AmbyGear product line has several safety features which I really like such as the GPS tracking and simple texting with my kids. On the kids side, the games, the rewards system, and the interchangeable bands seem like they will be very attractive for the kids. I will definitely invest in AmbyGear when the time is right for my children (they are too young and not super mobile right now).

As for Patrick, I know him well from business school and I know him to be fiercely intelligent and driven to succeed. I have immense confidence in him and his team's ability to get Ambit Networks and AmbyGear off the ground and onto kids wrists and parents phones in no time!

Kyle Ellicott Advisor at Alola recommended AmbyGear where Patrick is Co-Founder

As any parent will tell you, the safety of their children is a top of their mind 24/7. Thankful they have have Patrick and his team focused on nothing but just that. When he joined the Spring 2015 class of Wearable World Labs, he told me the story of how the product came to be as he himself is a parent. I knew from that moment on that he was a CEO that cared for not just the product but more importantly for his customers. Over the course of his time during the program he and the company progressed at great lengths. I'm excited to be a continued advisor to both him and the team as we move forward towards the future.