Paul Antoine

Paul Antoine

I am a private investor who comes to the aid of the promoters and leader companies to provide them the financing they need to finance their
Marketing • Front End Dev
Virginia Beach, US
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Funding offer

Funding offer • Co-Founder

JP Morgan Asset Management

COO @JP Morgan Asset Management • Employee

Amazing things Paul's made
I am aware of the need to make individuals and
professionals a real strategic lever for the fight against
poverty, particularly through the creation of wealth and jobs.

I had to finance several projects
As a benchmark player in private equity, I am directly involved in financing the economy by providing companies and project owners with the capital required for their development.
I play my role of active shareholder with the leaders of our holdings and share with them the same industrial and strategic vision to carry out their development projects.

Leader in equity investment in
SMEs, I accompany every day 160 companies and
infrastructure projects.
I have developed an expertise in the private equity segments from creation to business transfer: Venture Capital, Capital Development & Transmission, Renewable Energies.
I strengthened my commitment to sustainable development
Michigan State University (USA)

Michigan State University (USA)

Finance and economie