Paul Englert

Paul Englert

Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a fascination for data analytics and a future entwined with AI.
Back End Dev • Front End Dev
Lisbon, Portugal
  • Data & Analytics
  • C#
  • Data Mining
  • Data Science
  • Databases
  • HTML + CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Machine Learning
  • Python
  • Web Development
NetLume by idatase GmbH

CTO @NetLume by idatase GmbH • Co-Founder

NetLume - Innovation platform for the development of new applications

NetLume by idatase

CTO @NetLume by idatase • Co-Founder

One Team - One Product - One Aim - To make the best of IIoT


CTO @realyu • Co-Founder

#natural - Media data verification for everybody: save, quick and easy


CTO @ idatase • Co-Founder

idatase is a high tech innovation company developing NetLume.


Frontend Development @SAP SE • Employee

JavaScript, HTML + CSS

Amazing things Paul's made
Started a web-design agency during my bachelors to gain some first hand knowledge in business development and organization. Offering pre-packaged and simple web design for small businesses to boost their internet presence appeared to be a great area to get quick and direct customer contact and experience.

Having worked with SAP made me realize I need to change something about big corporate culture through my own company. I have
worked and lived in Germany and Portugal. Not a man of many words but always to the point and a constant call to action

Proud of having surfed the whole European mainland atlantic coast.
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Advanced Analytics Sep 2015 - Jun 2017

DHBW Karlsruhe

DHBW Karlsruhe

Business Information Technologies Oct 2012 - Sep 2015


Gerod Carfantan Advisor at recommended idatase where Paul is Co-Founder

Idatase is a solid, energetic team, with a very promising product. We have gotten to know the co-founders very well in our startup accelerator program and as part of our investment portfolio and we think they have the character, skills and ambition to really make an impact in the world of Industrial IoT. Always surprising and delighting us with their level of commitment and the traction they're getting in a relatively short amount of time.

Yu Zhao Director at Thaichung Energy Co.,Ltd recommended idatase where Paul is Co-Founder

Working on the solutions to the energy industry now, and exciting experiences with the team. The industry change need new blood.

Denis Čuček CEO at Shuttle Planet recommended idatase where Paul is Co-Founder

Got the privilege to have met the Idatase team through the accelerator program, which is currently still on-going.

The great, capable and extremely motivated guys that stand behind the Netlume product take on any challenge presented to them with focus and discipline. They can dish out a lot of resourcefulness and are great problem solvers.

We're glad to have a personal and a business relationship with them.

Shuttle Planet team

Lutz Fricke recommended idatase where Paul is Co-Founder

Good reliable Partner Company of MIOsoft. idatase is specialized in Machine Learning, MIOsoft provides the best Data Quality for their Analysis. This results in a Win-Win-Win for both partners and our customers.