Paulo Carreira

Paulo Carreira

Lecturer of Software Engineering and Database Systems at IST. meta. advisor in sensor interfacing, system architecture and data analysis.
General Engineer • General Business
Lisbon, Portugal
  • Software Development
  • Analytics
Sensei Tech

CTO @Sensei Tech • Co-Founder

AI Powered retail


Nuno Varandas BizDev Projects Expert at F6S recommended Sensei Tech where Paulo is Co-Founder

Sensei Tech has been one of most focus and dynamic teams working within SOUL-FI Accelerator. It has overcome the main tech challenges while establishing an important network to bring the product into the market. Joana, Vasco and Paulo are the right persons to make it happen! Look forward to enter a shop with Sensei Tech and have some discounts just for me!!! :)

SOUL-FI FIWARE Accelerator Coordinator