Pavlina Desheva

Pavlina Desheva

I am an entrepreneur, mathematician and organizations freak, dog person, excited for new opportunities and startups.
General Business • Marketing
Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Event Management
  • Mathematics
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching Skills
  • Team Coordination
  • Teamwork

Co-founder and CEO @Doglar • Co-Founder

Mobile application connecting dog owners


cocoonix • Co-Founder

Cocoonix is a social platform for solving socially significant problems.

Amazing things Pavlina's made
Owning the word "management" in my circles, workaholic, leading executive team of 35 people in Start It Smart for 5 years now, developing it as one of the most powerful startup organizations in Bulgaria, responsible for the coordination and management of all it's projects and for the founding and establishing of 3 other SIS organizations. In the same time participating in Summer Entrepreneurship Program 2014, studying entrepreneurship in Babson College, working as an Employer Branding Manager in IT company Obecto, creating theirs partnerships, lasting till today and also finishing my MBA during that time. I used to coordinate team of 280 people in web game Travian for 3 years, while studying my Bachelor in Mathematics and informatics and being Organizations leader of Start It Smart. I am proud of the team I managed to gather for Doglar and the work we have achieved for that short time, having companies from Bulgaria and abroad interested in us, 1200+ users and 2000+ user app requests.

Aleksandar Gvozden Product at LegalTrek recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

Pavlina, one of the founders of Doglar is a real startup person. Seems she translated this well in her team. They posses qualities I always look in a team, and that's persistence and hard work. I think they are still at early stage looking for a best model, and that's why they would benefit strongly from joining Eleven family. It is obvious that pet vertical is ready for disruption and big enough, and Doglar can find their proud spot and 11 might be great step towards it!

Volen Vulkov Harmonizer-in-chief at Enhancv recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

Polly has an exceptional breadth and depth of leadership and community building experience. I have worked closely with her as a founder at Enhancv and also at the biggest entrepreneurship organization in Bulgaria – Start It Smart. At Enhancv having her on board was a game-changer. She was the one who laid the backbones of the operations level at the company – from quarter planning to daily meetings, everything was much easier with her. But most-over I was really impressed with the inexhaustible ownership that she puts in every task that she takes. For the last five years that we have worked together on more than 10+ projects I am recognizing her as the most all-round entrepreneur that I have ever met. Also apart from scuba-diving I can hardly remember something that she has fear of so now I am sure that she is the right person in the right moment to turn Doglar into a remarkable company. And finally I can get something that I’ve always needed – a company for my little Cocker Spaniel.

Elena Nikolova 2018 YTILI Fellow at German Marshall Fund of the United States recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

I do not have a dog. But after Doglar I wish I had. What I find extremely fascinating is the fact that Doglar and the team behind it managed to form a community in such a short time and without many resources in their pocket. I believe they can achieve so much more. I think with the right support they can get to know the market more, develop their idea and find a niche which could be quite rewarding.

Drago Mihailov Sales at recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

I am honored to know Pavlina & Bilyana in person - two personalities so eager to give people new opportunities for them and their pets in a cool and modern way. Woof woof!

Yasmin Tezdjan recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

Pavlina and Bilyana are two exceptional young women who inspire me and the people in the community every day. They are determined and dedicated to everything they set their minds on. Their latest collaboration, the mobile application Doglar, reflects on their ultra fresh and thoughtful ideas, as well as their genuine passion for animals. They aim to help not only dogs in finding new friends and a partner, but the same way their owners. Bibi's and Polly's skills combine in a unique way, resulting in a strong duo of ambition, innovation and execution.

Evelin Velev Employee at Source Institute recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

I'm glad to have the opportunity to recommend the team of Doglar, as I think they are a formidable crew. I've know Polly for many years in which we've worked together in Start it Smart as well as i Obecto and have observed her development into a business leader. She's a very competent team leader, with great skills in operations, management, relationship building and recruitment.
Bilyana on the other hand is growth hacker in the making who's also very disciplined and reliable. She's been responsible for adding the sexiness and stickiness bit to numerous initiative by big and small brands, famous and rising musicians in here work as PR and journalist. She's a very close personal connection as well and she has a great passion for dogs and dog lovers.
Thus I'm proud to have introduced the two and remain available to comment on the team and the business per your request.

Ivo Vasilev CEO at reloyalty recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

Pavlina (Polly) and Bilyana (Bibby) are two powerful ladies to be reckoned with. Both are extremely focused, determined and genuinely enthusiastic about building a product that enriches people's time with their dogs.

Both are super talented and come from successful backgrounds already, Polly being the VP of one of the most active business incubators in Bulgaria, bringing organisational superpowers, leadership and ties with the business world and Bibby as Chief-Editor in the most influential lifestyle publications, come with PR & Marketing wizardly skills, media know-how and celebrity personality.

Best of all, both do it out of passion not vanity and care deeply about the experience and emotional attachment of their users, and when passion, determination and talent meet only great things will follow.

Go get them, girls, Woof, woof cheering for you :)

Nickolay Andonov Co-Founder at Join The Players recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

Doglar's team is incredibly focused and fast in executing this project. Pavlina and Bilyana compliment their skills really well which helps them be strong both in the creative and in the strategic aspect of the business. I've been amazed by the rate at which they are going and the level of hustling they are applying to it. The big community that has already formed around the idea is only one of the many proofs how important those issues are to Doglar's potential users and clients. I have no doubt this startup has a huge chance of being something great.

Todor Kolev VP Product, Co-Founder at SoTexy recommended Doglar where Pavlina is Co-Founder

Pavlina's strengths in staying across issues, management and leadership skills, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and her dedication to everything she does combined with Bilyana’s creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive make them the perfect team behind Doglar. The project is not only exciting, but with great potential of growing fast and going viral, because of it's clever and at the same time - simple and easy to understand approach, that makes Doglar engaging even before it's launch. I am looking forward to their next steps and will be following closely their progress, cheering for them on the way.