Phil Martie

Phil Martie

Founder @nicolette; former Canon VP; operations and innovation specialist
Data Science • General Business
Los Angeles, US
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Nicolette, Inc.

CEO @Nicolette, Inc. • Co-Founder

Patient Empowerment. Provider Partnership.

Amazing things Phil's made
I built the Operational Excellence program for Canon's outsourcing division. It enables line-level operations employees to drive and participate in innovation projects, managing their ideas all the way through execution. Outsourcing employees are typically averse to innovative change because there is a perception it threatens their jobs. The Canon OpEx program educates and rewards employees for initiating change, even when it eliminates their existing job.

Eva Ho recommended Nicolette, Inc. where Phil is Co-Founder

I met Phil a few months back and really loved the vision he shared for Nicolette. His motivation to improve (relevant and critical) information access in the pediatric ICU is genuine - coming from his own deep experience with his children. I really admire his authenticity and drive to fix a real in-hospital problem. I support all efforts to bring transparency to systems where information asymmetry can literally cost lives. I have great hopes that Nicolette will help parents and caregivers make better decisions about the care of their child during very critical times. I highly endorse Nicolette as a candidate into your program. - think he and the respective community will benefit from his participation.

Len Brandt Executive Director at Brandt Ventures recommended Nicolette, Inc. where Phil is Co-Founder

I have recently come to know Phil Martie and his vision for Nicollette. To qualify my comments, I have been part of medical venture development as both CEO and VC. I believe NICOlette is amongst the early ventures that may allow the dramatic advances in information sciences to impact healthcare beyond the first layer of costs, but into the next layer of quality and outcomes. Broadly speaking, Phil has come to understand that decision making in healthcare, and therefore outcomes, is not just based on medical judgment, but is also based on patient judgment. This may be pretty advanced thinking for the industry but by entering this field in an economically attractive part of healthcare services, the venture potentially has defined a win-win for early adopters. I would think for those that are motivated to do well by doing good, they would enjoy the insights Phil/NICOlette are providing.

Arlan Hamilton Co-Founder at recommended Nicolette, Inc. where Phil is Co-Founder

I am happy to recommend Nicolette for the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator at Cedars Sinai. Backstage Capital is a proud early investor in Nicolette for the same reasons they would be a great fit at Techstars. They are creating groundbreaking technology that will empower patients to take control of their own health decisions, improving outcomes, and transcending education levels, language barriers, income levels, race, and gender. Their foundation is based on a deeply personal story that gives them unique insight into patient empowerment. They are driven to succeed commercially while also passionate about proactively adding value back into the healthcare community.

Jessica Rousset Employee at Children's Hospital Los Angeles recommended Nicolette, Inc. where Phil is Co-Founder

The passion and need driving NICOlette's solution are compelling. As a leading pediatric hospital, we want to be able to offer tools like these to our families so that they can actively participate in the decision-making process from an informed perspective and that, despite being in a high acuity care setting with the associated emotional stress. It will be important for them to build the economic case needed to ensure that hospitals like CHLA are able to adopt these needed solutions.

Gavin Fabian CEO at Casetabs Inc recommended Nicolette, Inc. where Phil is Co-Founder

I met Phil a year ago at a startup pitch event at Cross Campus in Santa Monica. Phil's startup story was the most memorable by far, and I could tell how passionate he was about helping parents with babies in the NICU. After the event, I waited to speak with him and have since stayed in touch. My opinion is that NICOlette would be an excellent fit for Techstars Cedars Sinai because of the importance of their mission, the prospect's of the business, and their team which would be a great addition to the community.

Paul Symczak recommended Nicolette, Inc. where Phil is Co-Founder

Nicolette has been reviewed through the OCTANe LaunchPad accelerator evaluation process which requires client companies to provide a comprehensive presentation of their business model and investor pitch for evaluation by a diverse panel of experts in the med tech industry. The panel review resulted in an analytics report that indicated that the Nicolette business case is compelling, that the market demand is strong and that Phil Martie and the rest of the Nicolette team can guide the company to success, if they can achieve adoption by a few key opinion leaders in the neonatal care segment. We have accepted Nicolette to present at OCTANe's prestigious Medical Device & Investor Forum in October, 2016. Their selection indicates our strong support of the company and our belief in their chance of success in attracting investment capital and launching a service that will be valued by their target customers.