Pia Frey

Pia Frey

I am a trained journalist with a business mind and a strong ingrown sense of curiosity.
General Business • Marketing
Berlin, Germany
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Digital Media
  • Marketing Strategy
  • People-oriented
  • Publishing
  • Sales Growth
  • Storytelling

Co Founder @Opinary • Co-Founder

Our interactive tools let enterprises engage, understand & convert users.

Jan '13 - Present (8 years 3 months)

Amazing things Pia's made
Opinary has had an amazing journey from a casual side-project into a company with more than 55 people. We started off recognising a problem in the newsroom I was working in – on-site engagement was close to zero, our audience’s sentiment was a complete blackbox and it was enormously hard to convert fly-bys into loyalists. The solution for it was born on a napkin and I then asked a friend to build it: a tool that can be embedded into articles and that enables users to express their own view with just one click. The idea was to engage users in a new and easy way to understand and convert audiences for newsrooms and content-creators. It took off, much more than I expected:
Now our technology is used by millions of users every day across the biggest publishers and brands in the world and driven by an incredible team of business-minds, developers, data-scientists and journalists.
The newsroom in which this idea has been born is still one of our most successful clients.

Olivia Hohoff recommended Opinary where Pia is Co-Founder

Opinary wants to challenge the fact that only 2% of today's online users take an active role by sharing their opinion online. Their innovative technology makes users engage with media content through interactive infographics and is unique in Germany, if not even beyond.

Despite the fact that Opinary is quite a young company with a relatively small team, they have already convinced well-known German investors as well as Germany's leading publishing houses of their business model and product.

Expanding to the US is a priority on their current agenda, where they have been able to close first deals with some notable newspapers.

With a background in IT, publishing and editorial, Opinary's team presents a mixture of tech-savvy, creative and target-oriented young professionals and it's a pleasure working with them!