Olia Binkovska-Abraham CEO and Co-Founder at Zozulica Ltd.

Good educational digital toys for good kids made by good people

Kate Melnyk

I enjoy these apps as well as my friennds' children ;) We're playing together :)

Nata Smirnova

I just love the games of PopAppFactory! :)

Anton Gridz Art Director at MagFashion

Great team and great applications!

Irina Shipko

My two daughters love your pleasent, useful and interesting games. Thank you and good luck!

Lyudmila Ovchinnikova Employee at Art. Lebedev Studio

Inspirational and positive you, guys! Keep going!

Igor Ponomarenko

My daughter captivated by this game!

Jordan Madalena

Fascinating and fun games for kids. Highly recommend!!!

Boris Buliga iOS Developer at PopAppFactory

Irina Golubeva Employee at International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine

I would like to recommend PopAppFactory! great team, great products, great atmosphere! I adore their products for the sense of humour esp brainteasers!

Jo Booth

Quality apps, deserving of a larger audience.

Тарас Дубецький

Good games! Definitly try!

Anna Myrvold frukt og grønt medarbeider at Работаю над собой

Jeg ønsker deg suksess i et arbeid. Lykke til.

Olesya Leshchenko

There are very interesting and useful games.

Irina Korolenko Project Manager at Art. Lebedev Studio

I use several Popapp applications as iPad games for my kids, like zoo, mosaic, alphabet. Kids love them and I am happy :-)

Oleg Akimov Employee at Nika Entertainment

They made good things!

Nikolay Apostol Employee at Cogniance Inc.

recommended PopAppFactory

Ri Sanna Co-Founder at Bluma

Ольга Евтушенко Employee at Digimedia

cool games for kids

Galina Yatsura International Communications Consultant at

Smart interface and catchy design made these apps end up on my daughter's list of favourites. Keep up the good work!

Alexandr Radchykov

Awesome team

Tatyana Polianina

Wonderful apps for kids! Very interesting games, produced by a team of professionals and dreamers! I do recommend this company and I like their products very much!

Julia Pererva

Games of PopAppFactory are useful for parents ( they could have a time) and enjoy for kids)

Николай Пискунов

We love PopAppFactory !

Vitaly Kurdyumov Head of ERP Sales, Partner at Innoware

I know creators of this company and I may say they simply cannot produce a shit products. So I really recommend them, their team and their applications.

Valery Rudchenko PR at Software Development Company Acceptic

My kids love your games! The designs are always amazing and games itself are truly engaging. Thanks to your apps we learned to count and to read and they're the best entertainment for kids when in car or in trade centre. :)

Arseny Vesnin

One of the best kids game developers

Anna Zagrebelna

Really perfect apps for kids to train logic, memory and creativity - my little brothers love these games! I wish these developers could win Disney Accelerator contest and then create even more wonderful, interesting and technically awesome games. Good luck, guys! ;)

Sergii Melnyk

PopAppFactory — great team with big goal to let children play while learning.

Philip Vasilchenko

Awesome games for awesome kids!

Alexander Tkachenko Employee at Stanfy

Amazing educational games for kids.
Great team of professionals, every project is beautiful and interesting! Their games make children excited about learning.

Павло Борисенко дизайнер at Visualizers

PopAppFactory — the team of big happy children. This important thing helps them to make perfect children games!

Maxim Avramenko

Very cool games for kids! Learn and enjoy.