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PopTalk sits at the centre of a user-focused, data-driven, custom-tailored experience that will answer the riddles that the emergence of Social TV has provided....
PopTalk sits at the centre of a user-focused, data-driven, custom-tailored experience that will answer the riddles that the emergence of Social TV has provided.
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Saul Colt

I hear a lot of ideas daily and few get me excited as Poptalk. Not only would I use this, I'd tell everyone about it because it solves an issue I care about and the founder cares about. Anytime the founder will "eat his own food" or build a product out of personal passion and need I get excited about that.

David Jones

We are in an era of content overload and alternative digital distribution modes that are shaking the business models of publishers, movie studios and TV networks. And while this clearly scares the crap out of "the industry", it couldn't be a better time for viewers who have way more choice on way more platforms from myriad content creators. Social buzz makes and breaks all sorts of shows, has brought shows back from the dead and helped fund reboots. Social chatter is the new water cooler. But the current popular social platforms just don't always add to enjoyment of watching TV or movies...and often times can ruin it with spoilers, lame second-screen integrations or hackneyed publicity ploys.

What Poptalk is creating is a true social TV experience that allows for real-time presence, ongoing discussion and content discovery that works with and not instead of the other popular social platforms and provides a seamless and natural reciprocal integration of content and community.

Jason Chaney

TV and video content has always been an incredibly social experience, though many have discussed the connective nature of content, Poptalk is the first to truly understand how the social experience can enhance and detract from viewer enjoyment and engagement. As viewing becomes increasingly non-linear and unscheduled, Poptalk becomes an essential social tool.

Hilton Barbour

Social TV is one of those perplexing, ever-changing monikers that get attached to any application that happens to have a social feed. Poptalk, in contrast, is ground in a genuine insight about how personal TV habits are being augmented - and in some ways negatively impacted - by intersecting with social. There is tremendous greenfield opportunity as Poptalk adds a genuinely new dimension to the TV and content experience. The natural addition of analytics makes for a compelling and measurable layer that will accelerate its appeal to brands and corporations. This is one to watch.

Matt Di Paola

As someone who works with start-ups every day, Poptalk is one of those rare business ideas that is rooted in a consumer need and a gap in the marketplace. Most other TV-related/second screen apps have tried to adapt mobile & social behaviour to the traditional "First Run" TV experience vs creating something new for how people consume TV content today and behave in social media.

This is what Poptalk has figured out. And they have created a business model around providing analytics for how people actually consumer TV content and when the consumer it. The data here will be way more useful than what Nielsen provides to networks, broadcasters and brands. Plus, it provides a more targeted approach to launching new programming or generating revenue from marketing existing programming.

Once it has the audience scale, the revenue opportunities to steal from traditional research companies is huge.