Ruth Chaloner

I've never met anyone quite like Paula. Her creativity and imagination helps her to drive her business and to stay ahead of the game. If she has a vision, she makes it happen - its a simple as that! She's an inspiration.

Tim Rudkins

I have never worked with someone who treats their profession and patients with such high regard. It's never about money. It's always about getting results and doing it the proper way. Old time ethics and professionalism in the 21st century!

Danni Craker

Paula, of Posturo Global Ltd, is an inspiration, promoting the importance of good posture and educating the masses on the health impacts of bad posture. And more importantly how we can correct posture to be our healthiest selves. Her depth of knowledge is extensive and her passion is contagious.
Paula believes in Posture, its her purpose.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein Managing Director & CEO at Panoma Press

Paula Moore, founder of Posturo Global Ltd, is a force for good in the health and wellness industry. Passionate, knowledgeable and popular, she and her methodologies have helped and are helping millions of people,worldwide to achieve better health through better posture.