Pradeep Balakrishnan

Pradeep Balakrishnan

Software guy with passion in building software things
General Engineer
Bellevue, US
  • Scalability

WorldWinger • Co-Founder

Our mission is to make cruise booking FAST, EASY, EFFICIENT, FUN!


Amit Gala recommended WorldWinger where Pradeep is Co-Founder

Passionate entrepreneur. I have seen Joys passion in growing this service in a competitive space. He is not afraid to take risks and try new things to grow the business. He is also able to bring perspectives from different areas that he is engaged in this business.

Indranil Mukherjee, PMP recommended WorldWinger where Pradeep is Co-Founder

I have known Joyjeet for several decades now, from the time he was barely in his teens to now when he is a responsible father and husband. The standout quality that has stood the test of time with him has been his self-belief, the bedrock of all qualities. He has sedulously built upon that with the essentials of vision, conviction in that vision, ability to carry people along, smart hard work, innovative thinking, persistence, courage, patience, willingness to take calculated risks and the bulldog spirit to see the mission to its logical conclusion.

When Joyjeet decides to pursue an idea to its fruition, there's a lot of preparation that he undertakes. This ensures completeness in understanding, acuteness of focus and broad action steps to take. And he has several successes to evidence in support. These are the fundamentals that assure he will make his mark in the significant manner that he so deserves. I wish him the very best on his imminent success!

Shital Shah recommended WorldWinger where Pradeep is Co-Founder

I first met Joy about 14 years ago and had another occasion to work with him as colleague in Microsoft as well. I’ve seen Joy as an entrepreneur at several occasions including his previous music business to current travel business. No matter how small his ventures are he is always passionate and willing to give his all. He has many times taken on opportunities that most others would write off while he goes on to build a sustainable business by shear hard work and unrelenting drive. You can often find working him late in to nights, not take any vacations, squeeze out every minute he can get during weekends and nights to build his business. He has amazing people interaction gift that has landed him to one of the most connected social person. He can instantly connect with people with friendliest warmth which I believe is very important attribute of a founder. I think Joy’s big break is just around the corner as an entrepreneur and wish him the best.