Rachel Kois
Rachel Kois CEO Travel enthusiast. Super-connector. Backyard chicken mom & prolific veggie gardener. Fierce optimist about business as a force for good.


As a former Techstars team member, I can confidently say Rachel has the secret sauce factor when it comes to being a founder. I’ve interviewed and followed thousands of founders during my time at Techstars. I notice a common denominator amongst the sample which is premature time in space or founders jumping in on a trend.

Rachel has spent almost 4 years on this venture forging herself and learning nuances in this sustainability space. Coupled with 3 years of intentional traveling and exploring the world finding micro-economies that need consumer spending. So rare!

I think Techstars has a unique opportunity with a founder like Rachel to not only do exponential change in the world but invest in someone who has from day one as a founder embodied our value of #givefirst.

Definitely worth an interview. Keep crushing pipeline and ops team it has been a rough season! But you are finding so many gems, been watching these demo days. Hopefully, you get to add Rachel your list.

I worked at an accelerator for several years, evaluating high-impact companies. A common theme was that their founders were experts at mobilizing people in support of their mission.

Rachel embodies that. She is a super-connector, unparalleled in her ability to mobilize people. Google asked her to apply for and awarded her a ~$50,000 marketing grant. Her vision and strategy even compelled CU’s Internship Director to ask her if he could be her unpaid intern. She is worth investing in.

Her company’s model works because her theory of change doesn’t depend on tremendous consumer behavior change. They respond to a market need in a way that meets consumers where they’re at. They make sustainable choices ridiculously easy. Their certifications are also very appealing to their customer base: BCorp, Climate Neutral, Plastic Neutral. Our entire economy is shifting towards sustainability as consumers demand sustainable options. Simple Switch is poised to capitalize on this shift.