Project Entrepreneur 2017/18 Venture Competition Rules & Application: Applicants must… Be ambitious, creative, visionary, eager and motivated. Be over 18 years old. Be a U.S. resident and have a U.S. bank account. Be available to attend the PE Intensive in New York City April 13-14, if selected as a member of the Project Entrepreneur Class of 2018. Your startup must… Have at least one woman founder; Be at least 50% female-owned; Use technology as a competitive advantage; Have a viable prototype or beta in place; Be original (or an improvement upon an existing idea without infringements). You are not eligible if… You’ve secured over $100,000 in institutional funding from an accredited investor(s) before competition submissions close. You are under 18 years old. You are not a U.S. resident and do not have a U.S. bank account. Your company does not have at least one woman founder and is not at least 50% female-owned. Non-profits are not eligible. We can only accept one venture/business per applicant. To read the complete Official Rules and Regulations of the program go to Only one female founder per company may apply. If selected, the founder who applied will be invited to the PE Intensive.

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