Mohamed Skander
Mohamed Skander CEO I am a french-algerian consultant (mainly in communication). I am a big user of Social Media who has already created companies.


I strongly recommend the social media company Punchword, which I strongly believe can go global. I have known Mohamed for many years. Mohamed and I have been very active in the entrepreneurial scene in Algeria and the Maghreb region promoting youth and high-tech entrepreneurship. Mohamed is the founder of one of the largest youth entrepreneurial organizations in Algeria. He and I are founding team members of the Maghreb startup network, a World Bank initiative gathering the startup ecosystem in the Maghreb region. Prior to this, Mohamed was a consultant at EY and an analyst at BNP in Europe after he graduated from one of the best European business schools. He then founded his own consultancy group, BH, which quickly became one of the leading ones in the country working with the biggest companies and government institutions like the Central Bank. and multiple ministries. He also helped shape the crowdfunding enabling law and has founded the first crowdfunding platform in the country.