Rafael lima

Rafael lima

Hardcore Entrepreneur
Austin, US
  • 3D Printing
  • Cloud Computing
Solidface Technology

CEO @Solidface Technology • Co-Founder

A 3D Collaborative Cloud CAD. It is Google Docs for 3d models!

Jun '11 - Present (9 years 9 months)

Solid Network

Founder @Solid Network • Co-Founder

Decentralized Computing Power

SolidFace tech

SolidFace tech • Co-Founder

3D modeling software with real-time collaboration

Amazing things Rafael's made
CEO - Rafael Lima
Serial Entrepreneur.
Found 5 companies in Brazil, successfully exit three startups.
PUCC University - Business management
Languages: Portuguese, English
toolkit series

toolkit series



Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Business Administration and Management, General 2005 - 2009


Jake Lee recommended Solidface Technology where Rafael is Co-Founder

Mike Attaway recommended Solidface Technology where Rafael is Co-Founder

PLM and CAD technology is at a precipice of change. I think that Solidface Technology is right at the edge of that innovation. I look forward to seeing Solidface Technology becoming a leader in PLM tech because they are a hybrid CAD system. They have both a local save option as well as a cloud collaborative technology option. This is way more desirable from a company perspective because the company is in control of the intellectual property, not the CAD company, unlike many other "cloud based cad companies". Also, Solidface has a client based tech model verses a web browser based model. While a browser based model is supposed to be more independent, it can introduce incompatibilities based on browser changes to which web based source software is forced to adapt - these companies/sources don't always have fluid communication.

Murad Salman Mirza recommended Solidface Technology where Rafael is Co-Founder

Solidface Technology is the wonderful realization of a galvanizing dream by authentic, dedicated and richly experienced CAD Developers who want to put the benefits of groundbreaking affordable technology at the core of their business without the gimmicks of a transient business.

Their 2D/3D solutions are at the vanguard of disruptive technologies and boldly challenge the conventional norms through the innovative use of real-time collaborative modules, user-friendly interface and easy adaptability to dynamic needs with significant budgetary relief.

They were recently recognized as one of the 'G-Startup Worldwide Tokyo Top 25', and I have no doubt that further accolades will keep on coming. This is the wave of the future!

Roberto Payaro CEO at Nortel - Sonepar recommended Solidface Technology where Rafael is Co-Founder

Excellent software, friendly, easy to use with online queries and fair cost per license.

Mike Scanlin CEO at Born To Sell recommended Solidface Technology where Rafael is Co-Founder

Big market, solid team, solid collaboration software for 2d & 3d design, with online AND offline access (unlike competitors), and at a cost per user that makes this a no brainer decision for their customers.