Raghul Ethiraj

Raghul Ethiraj

If something takes longer than 5 minutes to do, I'll program a way to automate it.
Back End Dev • General Engineer
Cedar Rapids, US
  • Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Backend
  • Mobile Applications
  • Program Management
Situs RERC

Frontend & User Interface Developer @Situs RERC • Employee

Jan '16 - Present (5 years 1 month)


Ambassador at Humai @Humai • Employee

Dec '15 - Present (5 years 2 months)

City of Ames, Iowa

Commissioner | Human Relations Commission @City of Ames, Iowa • Employee

Mar '15 - Present (5 years 11 months)

Iowa State University

Full Stack Web Application Developer @Iowa State University • Employee

Jan '13 - Present (8 years 1 month)

deetz app

CEO @deetz app • Co-Founder

Hyperlocal app connecting people to what's happening near them in real-time

EPIC Home Hero

EPIC Home Hero • Advisor

EPIC is Snapchat for getting work done on your home.

Amazing things Raghul's made
I've previously tried (and failed) building start-ups that:

1) AI for drones, where drones consisted only of 4 motors, a frame, and a “brain for drones.” This AI/neural network approach enables controllers to fly any type drone with no proprietary algorithm barriers, thereby bringing down costs and allowing small businesses to adopt drone tech.

2) A binary options platform that is used to predict real life events using the "wisdom of the crowd" approach. This platform allows for a far superior prediction of outcomes of any event, ranging from "will Apple reach sales goals for Q3?" to "will this concert be cancelled?"

and 3) An IP that converted anything 2D to 3D that made it natively run on all the VR headsets. So a 2D video game such as GTA on a PC can be converted to stereo 3D experience in a VR headset with no code change. Just run the program and it'll convert movies, games, and anything that wasn't meant for VR run on VR with native experience.

Donald Guarino CEO at EPIC Home Hero recommended deetz app where Raghul is Co-Founder

Raghul worked for me ~5 years ago while we were both with a small investment consulting firm in Des Moines. Loved his drive and rebel energy. I haven't known Eastyn as long, but she has serious hustle and is a great complement to Raghul's technical expertise. I have no doubt that the founding team of deetz has the right chemistry and lean mentality to be tremendously successful.