Ashish Soni Employee at University of Southern California

I had the pleasure of having Steve as a student in my class at USC Engineering several years ago. He always went above and beyond what I asked of him and I could see that he had the startup bug in him. I mentored him through his first professional job and company and am excited that he is taking the leap to build his first product startup. Steve is extremely professional and I am happy to endorse him for a spot in the Disney Accelerator.

Tim Draper CEO at Draper University - Entrepreneurship Programs

"I had the pleasure of getting to know Rob Ellis very well during his time at Draper University. Rob was a perennial leader in his class, and I have no doubt that he has the personality, drive, and knowledge to succeed with Reachsocket. I was always impressed by Rob’s energy and ability to enable others to reach their full potential, whether it be during group projects, outdoor activities, or working on their own businesses. I am happy to endorse Rob and Reachsocket for a spot in the Disney Accelerator.”

Larry Weintraub

Reachsocket is a brilliant forward thinking company that solves a core problem for brands which is focused targeting and close association with celebrities. I am a big fan of both their technology and the management team that built and deploys this service.