Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson

My name is Rebecca Thompson and I have been working in logistic management for 5 years.
Operations • Marketing
Baltimore, US
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Project Parties

CEO @Project Parties • Co-Founder

Project Parties turns fun, easy-to-follow DIY projects into online parties!

Amazing things Rebecca's made
Inactivity, Boredom, Depression, Isolation, Loneliness… The COVID-19 pandemic is having a staggering human impact. Medical News Today reports, “Before the pandemic, 8.5% of U.S. adults reported being depressed. That number has risen to 27.8% as the country struggles with COVID-19”.

Project Parties’ weekly classes allow customers the opportunity to be creative, meet new people, and have fun. Our DIY projects provide customers both “art therapy” and group socialization activities to combat depression and isolation.