Renato Portela

Renato Portela

He is computer engineer that loves to build things for people use. Currently lives Porto, Portugal with his wife and two kids.
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Porto, Portugal
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CEO @AppyBook • Co-Founder

Healthcare when you need it, where you need it.

Amazing things Renato's made
I've worked for a software company that, when I started to work there, was a small startup. Very little organization, all the software development was adhoc. I managed to get support from the general manager and all shareholder to invest in a project to organize the company and appraise the company in CMMI-Dev level 3. After 1 year we achieved successfully the level 2 and one and a half year latter the Level 3. The difficult part of this was change the company culture and the way people worked. More than an investment project, it was a transformation one. In the end, we had a very different company. It was more focused, with more consistent results, and with less effort from the people to achieve better results.
Universidade do Minho / University of Minho

Universidade do Minho / University of Minho

Computer Science

Porto Business School

Porto Business School



Ricardo Costa CEO at loqr

Renato is one amazing professional. With several years of expertise leading multi-cultural team across several national and international projects and, most recently, in architecting, from scratch, new business solutions with the objective of solving clients’ real problems, he would be, definitely, a great asset to any size organisation (and startup)!

Pedro Roque

Renato is an highly focused and productive professional. I had the pleasure to meet and work with him both in the university and in freelance projects (IT development related). We had an e-commerce business together and all I can say is positive about him. Highly recommend!
Pedro Roque

Elsa Dias Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at LG Electronics recommended AppyBook where Renato is Co-Founder

I've been working with Bruno for more than 10 years ans he is, for sure, one of the most trustworthy professionals I ever worked with. A great team member, a huge human being. One of the few I would ever trust to work along and open a business owned by myself. He will never let tou down.

José Pereira recommended AppyBook where Renato is Co-Founder

Bruno has a very strong grasp of information technology, specially in the realm of Internet services.

He has the ability of conceiving solutions for all types of projects, and is a great problem solver.

He has the ability to integrate teams of any size and is an excellent team player.

Bruno is, without a doubt, a very big asset for any team.