Renesha Chiles

Renesha Chiles

Richmond, US
Adventures & Investigations, LLC

CEO @Adventures & Investigations, LLC • Co-Founder

Jan '16 - Present (5 years 2 months)

Virginia Union University

Virginia Union University

Chemistry Aug 2010 - Jan 2014


Carleitta Paige-Anderson Assistant Professor at Virginia Union University recommended Adventures & Investigations, LLC where Renesha is Co-Founder

The Center for Undergraduate Research would like to thank Ms. Renesha Chiles for serving as the Project Mentor for the PantherQuest opportunity entitled the Environmental Ambassadors during the 2015-2016 academic year. Your support has enabled us to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to engage in creative inquiry endeavors, thereby helping students to identify new strategies to extend the learning process as well as increasing their competitiveness for graduate school and/or professional careers.

The Environmental Ambassadors PantherQuest team was designed to help Virginia Union University students increase their knowledge of natural resources, the role healthy resources may have on their communities, and the science behind it all.

Cyndi Juarez recommended Adventures & Investigations, LLC where Renesha is Co-Founder

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Renesha Chiles and Adventures and Investigations LLC. Renesha and I worked together at Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation for over a year. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Renesha and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. Beyond that, she is an impressive environmental educator who is always dynamic and engaged when creating and leading youth programs. Her knowledge of learning styles and expertise in environmental education was a huge advantage to our entire office. She put this skill set to work in order to engage diverse age groups at multiple state park locations in fascinating and well received programs. Along with her undeniable talent, Renesha has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of all team members and program participants.

Danielle Easley recommended Adventures & Investigations, LLC where Renesha is Co-Founder

Dear Selection Committee,
I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Adventures & Investigations . I know this company through their work in with my youth program. At our first meeting I described the general outline of the program and explained therapeutic interventions and activities. They asked great questions and appeared intelligent. They then researched therapeutic topics and activities for the appropriate age group. They did this independently - I did not ask them to do this. I learned that they had done this at our second meeting, and I was quite impressed at their motivation and independence. I was especially taken by their creative mind and independent work ethic. By the end of the summer he was introducing me to scientific papers that were directly relevant to the program's mission and therapeutic in manner. they have done an awsome job with working with our children and making it a family atmosphere. They would be an outstanding asset to youth

Erika Gay recommended Adventures & Investigations, LLC where Renesha is Co-Founder

I support Renesha Chiles and her work with youth engagement. She has been an asset to the National Park Service in making new connections with college students and local universities. We look forward to our continued work with Renesha through her fellowship and support her future efforts to connect youth in urban communities to the riverfront and its natural resources.

Giles Harnsberger recommended Adventures & Investigations, LLC where Renesha is Co-Founder

Ms. Renesha Chiles possesses a gift for helping youth of diverse backgrounds appreciate and develop a passion for the outdoors. She is organized, flexible, and proactive, which makes her a wonderful leader of trips and immersions into nature. Renesha volunteered on several occasions with Groundwork RVA in circumstances that were demanding and maintained an excellent attitude and an ability to bring out a positive attitude in those around her. From building boardwalks, to teaching stargazing, to cooking for a group of excited teenagers, Renesha has a unique ability to "do it all" with energy and an equal mix of humor and discipline. Finally, Renesha has shown an ability to create partnerships between government and non-government groups, and to forge alliances among those groups to support conservation goals. Most recently she helped convene a group of youth-serving organizations to brainstorm ways to increase access to park spaces from the youth's neighborhoods.

Brigette Newberry recommended Adventures & Investigations, LLC where Renesha is Co-Founder

I worked with Renesha Chiles during 2015 school year devising a large project for 200 students at Open High School, the school at which I teach, and Powhatan State Park. We worked closely on this project, met many times, updated each other of the progress of the work and the students. She was an excellent communicator, she was inventive and creative with solutions to problems that came up and she even drove a small group of students who were doing the GPS mapping to the park to assist with this part of the project. At the end of the project, Renesha and I put together a picnic for the students with the assistance of the school's PTA. It was an outstanding success. I have found Renesha to be consistent, energetic, on time and extremely dependable. We are speculating on a new project for this year, even now. I heartily recommend her to you.