Camille Mackenzie
Camille Mackenzie CEO An INTJ that loves problem solving, asking why, organizing, and seeing people succeed in doing what makes them happy.


I serve as the current program director for Velocity Accelerator which resources early stage founder's poised for growth. Renobi's founding team immediately stood out. From their coach-ability, to keen instinct, to how they are able to view their business objectively -- Renobi is led by founders who are well equipped to steward it's inevitable growth. The progress they made while in our accelerator program was impressive. In 13 weeks they met over 90% of the goals they had set forth for their company. Camille and Carson's rare alchemy of hard and soft skills + commitment to creating a world class solution, makes our team excited to see what Renobi does next. I highly recommend them for any accelerator program. Not only will they leverage every resource, but they will also be a resource to other founders.

I met Camille and Carson as part of the Velocity Accelerator program. I am a Product Management coach and have worked with numerous Product Owners and Managers from startups to Fortune 100 organizations. Renobi stood out from the crowd in my class and coaching and they would be an excellent addition to any accelerator program. They are focused on understanding the humans in their machine, identifying real-world problems, and providing practical solutions to those problems. Renobi is an inspiration to others and its founders are well worth the investment. I cannot speak positively enough about the impact they will have on the world!

Renobi is an exciting company led by two visionary founders. They are first movers in a billion dollar market and are poised for great success. As a mentor I have observed them closely and have seen how well they work together and how coachable they are. Over the past six months the company has matured and is ready for the next steps in its growth. I firmly believe acceptance into a program like this will be beneficial to Renobi, and inspirational to the others in the cohort. I highly recommend Renobi.