Renuka Rathode

Renuka Rathode

strategic thinker with excellent coaching/development & project managment skill.experience in consumer promotion, web-based marketing
General Business • Marketing
Hyderabad, India
  • Business Strategy
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Operations Management
  • Product Design
  • Start-ups
  • Strategy Development

Renuka is founder of Adnest where she heads the marketing and business development functions. • Co-Founder

AdNest is a digital platform for offline stores to promote themselves onlin

Amazing things Renuka's made
We provide merchants with a robust platform along with extensive and value generating business analytics's related to social media activity of their coupons and offers by visualizing number of shares, likes, views, sales and interested customers etc.
This was built on LEAN methodologies Adnest solves the dripping sales of physical small and medium shops and retail outlets who loose out to ecommerce giants realize their potential and yet provide great products and services to their customers. Zomato if they wish to get into providing coupons to their hotels they can become our competitors but only in the food category.

We will benefit from automated and extensive social media tracking and analytics of a fairly large network of users and subscribers. Value based business model with primary focus on end customer – who gets quality deals and discounts from the merchant directly
IIT Madras

IIT Madras


Varun Devireddy Co-Founder at Build Protos:3D printing & prototyping recommended where Renuka is Co-Founder

Renuka is a Go Getter with an uncanny ability in team formation and management, Through our interactions in Startup leadership program in Hyderabad i was sure Renuka is going to make Adnest a success, and i am glad to see she is well on her way in doing so.

Pável Reyes-Mercado recommended where Renuka is Co-Founder

I knew about Adnest from its very initial steps. What at first was the draft of an ambitious business idea has been shaped by Renuka and Ravi in a very promising start-up. Adnest is changing the coupon industry by delivering a robust value proposition aimed at helping customers to capture value from their day-to-day activities. I am sure that the Adnest's leaders will bring the startup to a sustained pace of growth within the following years.

Srikanth soni recommended where Renuka is Co-Founder

Adnest has been around for a while experimenting with different things. As a result, a lot of things have been modified since the inception but one thing remained same, and that is the commitment of Adnest team to empower the retailers with high value referrals and repeat customers. The Adnest team has decided once for all that they will, by all means, support the retailers in maintaining their foothold in the market. I really appreciate their determination and dedication towards this. And what better time to startup in India, that too in the retail segment, when all eyes on e-tailers. Adnest is certainly going against the tide by choosing to empower retailer over e-tailer but I am confident it will be well worth the effort. There is a huge market for this and I wish the Adnest team best of luck in all their endeavors.

Eshwar Nageswararao P CEO at MentorEngage recommended where Renuka is Co-Founder

"Initiative taking and it stops there" is an oxymoron, they do co-exist, for sure in case of Renuka.

Having meet her in the SLP program here in Hyderabad, I thought and now certain that she will go places.

Leaving no stone unturned makes her a unique breed, a breed that will taste the success...

Raja Sekhar Pentakota recommended where Renuka is Co-Founder

Adnest is one company , i have seen which thinks indian , while all startups are borrowing the best of the west , they are driving by adapting to the east. They are introducing small and medium companies to digital world with their offline coupons. Ravi has wit and Renuka adds strategy to it.