Richard Mallah

Richard Mallah

AI technologist, creative algorithm designer, polymath, full-stack dev, recognized text analytics expert, product management fuel
General Engineer • General Business
Boston, US
  • Software Development
  • Algorithm Design
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Distributed Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Management
  • Strategic Planning
Future of Life Institute

Core Team Member @Future of Life Institute • Employee

Apr '14 - Present (7 years)


Board Member @MarketMuse • Co-Founder

Enterprise Content Planning and Content Quality Optimization

Feb '13 - Present (8 years 2 months)

Lifeboat Foundation

Advisory Board Member @Lifeboat Foundation • Employee

Jan '12 - Present (9 years 3 months)

Cambridge Semantics

Director of Advanced Analytics @Cambridge Semantics • Employee

Jun '11 - Present (9 years 10 months)

Amazing things Richard's made
I built a kick-ass topic modeling, analysis, and expansion algorithm. It combines half a dozen AI and data science techniques in a non-obvious, completely proprietary, patent-pending way. This engine produces clearly superior output compared to similar services from IBM and Microsoft as well as the more focused smaller players.

Nathan Savir Trader at Jane Street Capital recommended MarketMuse where Richard is Co-Founder

MarketMuse made a strong first impression on me with their sophisticated proprietary natural language model, which is a key piece of IP underlying their product. Since I first learned about it, I've seen that MarketMuse also enjoys committed and dedicated leadership, strong sales and dev, and remarkable resourcefulness and agility. As a data scientist and also as an investor, I've been impressed by what MarketMuse has achieved so far, and I expect to continue to see interesting work and good results coming from this team.

Coach Wei Executive Chairman at Yottaa recommended MarketMuse where Richard is Co-Founder

Aki is a strong entrepreneur whom i've known for a few years, and i watched him start and build MarketMuse from the very beginning. He evolved and grew a lot in a short time frame, and was smart to make sensible changes along the way to get to a viable market opportunity.

MarketMuse solves a problem that very little scientific answers available so far, despite the universal importance of content: what is your content strategy? Is it working? how to improve it? Putting a software system in place backed by data is the obvious way to answer this!