Richard Sachen

Richard Sachen

An experienced operations and project manager and a 2nd time founder.
General Business • Operations
Petaluma, US
  • Accounting
  • Construction Management
  • Database Design
  • Entrepreneur
  • Operations Management
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
Sunspeed Enterprises

CEO and founder @Sunspeed Enterprises • Co-Founder

Sunspeed Enterprises is giving EV drivers the freedom of the open road.

Amazing things Richard's made
We have the first credit card reader, 100% renewable energy powered EV chargers installed at Pt. Reyes Station in Marin County north of the golden gate bridge. We're pleased that year-over-year usage has more than doubled and look forward to adding more stations soon.

Lin-Zhuang Khoo Employee at Greenlots recommended Sunspeed Enterprises where Richard is Co-Founder

Sunspeed is bringing EV charging to places off the beaten path. This is fantastic for EV owners who like to bring their clean gas-free cars away from cities and Sunspeed is often the only choice for a charge.

Having worked with Richard for almost a year, he is completely dedicated to his customers and will go out of his way (quite literally) to ensure users can get a charge when they need it. I'm excited to see the Suntrail network get rolled out across coastal California and extend the reach of EVs!