Rigved Shenai

Rigved Shenai

I am passionate about Web2.0 products. Experienced Digital marketer, voracious reader, highly analytical jack of all trades.
General Business • Marketing
Pune, India
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  • Marketing Strategy
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CEO @Knowlphin • Co-Founder

Pinterest for education


I look after content developement, marketing, finance, HR, analyitics, site-features, algorithms etc @Halltickt • Co-Founder

Your online partner for exam preparation

Amazing things Rigved's made
In my previous jobs I built huge Electrical Transformers, then shifted to creating large online marketing and lead generation campaigns that contributed to 20-25% of client's revenue.
At halltickt.com I have established a questions input and approval pipeline that will process about 35000 questions over next 5 months at 30% of industry costs.
I am also building the next step of exam algorithms that will utilize meta-data to the max and provide most relevant analysis of performance.