Rihards Rucevics

Rihards Rucevics

I'm experienced sales and IT project manager with passion in startup life and travelling.
Marketing • General Business
Riga, Latvia
  • Business Strategy
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  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Online Advertising
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Co-founder @TweetDeleter • Co-Founder

Most advanced tweet deleting tool

Nov '11 - Present (9 years 7 months)


Product Manager @Creative Unconfirmed

Mobile games development company

Feb '11 - Present (10 years 4 months)


Chief Sales Officer @GRANDMA • Co-Founder

Projects' finance data management software for service-based SMEs.

GSM apsardze

GPS Automonitoring sales manager @GSM apsardze

Aug '09 - Feb '11 (1 year 6 months)

Arco Real Estate

RENT OF RESIDENTIAL PREMISES, consultant @Arco Real Estate

Apr '09 - Dec '09 (8 months)

Red bull

Musketeer @Red bull Unconfirmed

Apr '08 - Apr '09 (1 year)

Amazing things Rihards's made
Rihards is IT-related sales guy with lots of visions in his head.
Rihards has founded another successful startup – tweet deleting service www.tweetdeleter.com. Started as a hobby project, Tweetdeleter in 3 years with 0 marketing budget has reached more than 850 000 registered users, 350,000,000 deleted tweets and a profit. Rihards current position – cofounder and shareholder without active participation in day-to-day operations (except board meetings).

Another good story to tell is his participation in building a startup www.stakeholde.rs – citizen participation web-tools for municipalities and it's case study of expanding around municipalities in Baltic states and Scandinavia. Rihards got covered on Forbes as a successful entrepreneur and salesman when closing deals with 20 municipalities in 6 months. Stakeholde.rs had raised 250,000 from Knight Foundation (under name 'Socmap' at the beginning) and it has been acquired since 2013.
Trevor Townsend recommended GRANDMA where Rihards is Co-Founder

The team at Grandma is truly awesome and energetic. They are building great software that helps small and medium businesses stay in control of their finances and therefore in control of their future. You future is safe with Grandma!

Rich Radka recommended GRANDMA where Rihards is Co-Founder

Grandma, as a product, certainly has a bright future. As owner of a small business, I can tell you how painful invoicing, etc. can be. Having spend time with the Grandma team, I think they are very capable and committed to iterating on the product/market fit to make the most of the opportunity and they certainly understand the space in terms of market need, competitors/collaborators and technical integration.

Ian Collingwood recommended GRANDMA where Rihards is Co-Founder

The team behind Grandma are passionate, dynamic and very energetic. Their product fulfills a real need, and they clearly have the technical chops to make it successful. They need some help in mastering the skills and tools that will help them move forward faster, but their commitment and open mindedness makes me fully confident that they will have no trouble in acquiring these skills and putting them to good use.