River Accelerator 4 - Fall 2017 Application

We're excited that you're applying to the River Accelerator! Please note that you must fill out this application in its entirety in one sitting. We recommend that you write your answers in a separate document and copy/paste them into this application. Founders of Frontier Tech companies worldwide may apply. For River 2017, Frontier Tech includes virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, drones, satellites, 3D printing, space and other similar areas. We are also looking for founders that value community, hard work, have defensible technology and are poised for the hyper-growth enabled by accelerated access to capital, advice, exposure, and hiring talent. River Accelerator startups typically have raised less than $3m. If you have any questions you may reach the River team at Stay connected by following @rothventures on Twitter for the latest news and updates on Frontier Tech, River and all things future.