Robert Forsythe

Robert Forsythe

Robert is a change-maker with proven experience in helping traditional industries innovate.
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Halifax, Canada
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CEO @MilkMoovement • Co-Founder

Milk production & quality tracking solutions for the dairy industry.

Sobey School of Business

Sobey School of Business

Master of Business Administration Sep 2018 - Present

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Bachelor of Commerce Sep 2010 - May 2015


Dana Parsons Director at Highline BETA recommended MilkMoovement where Robert is Co-Founder

I know the founders of MM for a few years now. I can say that they are driven, focused, and always open to feedback. Milk Moovement addresses an important transparency/sustainability/efficiency in the Agriculture sector. The company founders have core entrepreneurial skillsets and are experts at leveraging cash to make the most impact on their bottom line.

Gillian Crosby Startup Services Coordinator at Volta recommended MilkMoovement where Robert is Co-Founder

Milk Moovement is a valued member of the Volta community! In November 2018, Milk Moovement was successfully selected as one of five recipients of our Volta Cohort Program which includes a $25 000 investment.

Approximately every two months, Milk Moovement has an individual meeting with the Volta Cohort Board to provide an update on the company’s performance and seek advice. A total of ten companies sit down with the Volta Cohort Board each assigned meeting day. Milk Moovement has consistently been the top performing company at these meetings. The mentors are continuously excited to meet with Robert and hear his progress. Robert comes to these meetings prepared, and engaged.

The Volta Team could not have anticipated the growth of the company over the past year and was very impressed that the company was able to demo to all ten Canadian Dairy Boards in September 2019. We are excited for Milk Moovement to capture the Canadian Market and prepare for expansion into the United States.

Patrick Farrar CEO at The Startup Zone recommended MilkMoovement where Robert is Co-Founder

Milk Moovement is made up of a great team, including two driven founders who have a passion for solving a long-running complex problem in the dairy industry. They're turning this industry upside down and there's a huge opportunity here.

Andrew Simmons Account Manager at Genesis Centre recommended MilkMoovement where Robert is Co-Founder

I am thrilled to provide a recommendation for Jon, Robert, and the team at MilkMoovement. In my role as the Enterprise (incubator) Account Manager with Genesis, I've worked with the MilkMoovement team since they started the program and I'm very impressed with the progress they've made to date. The team has taken significant steps to stay aligned with their customers and ensure that the solution they are building is something that works in the field. This is evident by the positive feedback from their customers and recommending their solution to others in the industry.

Since joining the Genesis program, the team has been coachable and are always open to advice and actively looking for ways to improve their business. Robert and Jon both have relevant industry experience and are motivated to grow and scale globally.

I'm excited to continue to work with them and watch as they build MilkMoovement from an idea to a global agriculture software solution.