Robin Van Dalen

Robin Van Dalen

Co-founder & CEO | social scientist by training, social entre- and intrapreneur by experience | World Economic Forum Global Shaper
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Co-Founder, CEO • Co-Founder

Making mental health support available for everyone - grounded in science

Jan '18 - Present (1 year 11 months)


Venture Manager Africa @Philips • Employee

Innovation. Design. Sustainability. Change

Jun '15 - Present (4 years 6 months)

Amazing things Robin's made
International internal #bethechange movement within Philips (the multinational) where we have 300 active members who build over 30 awesome projects that are shaping up the company and the world the way we hope to see it. I initiated it by giving a presentation to leadership on how to involve us (group of internal social changemakers) more, and we build it out to 30 different countries and with regular ExCo contact.

Also, I build a viwandani entrepreneur fund in Kenya. I was once a volunteer there and was part of a local team to setup a small company in the slums of Nairobi where the youth was taught skills to make shoes. it failed miserably and I realized that's not my impact. Now, I have setup a system where entrepreneurs take out a loan from a central fund, and pay it back.
Cambridge University

Cambridge University

Innovation & Strategy Sep 2011 - Jul 2012