Joe is simple a "Rock Star". We worked together when at Endeca and then join my company Thanx Media to deliver revenue. Joe consistently exceeded goals and helped us structure many strategic product development initiatives. Joe when above and beyond daily to drive Thanx Media's values and deliver new revenue. He is extremely talented and driven to succeed. He has entrepreneurial blood and will hit many home runs.

In our first meeting, my team and I "clicked" with Joe and his vision for Rocketboard. The problem it solves is one that we and millions of others live with everyday.

In working with Joe, we found a shared taste for clean design and the simplest UX. Joe's style is demanding and integrative, so he gets the most out my team. Joe has no shame in admitting that he’s not an expert. But he has an obvious sense for talent and a leader’s command that focuses the team on the outcome.

When users start Rocketboard, they’re interacting in a way they never have with a mobile device. They’re extending their personal brand through a novel, yet familiar medium. Their reward is the "super-power" to break the barrier between the real and digital worlds. We’re proud to be part of the team that takes on this inspiring challenge.

If you are an investor, my opinion is that Rocketboard is a rare opportunity you don’t want to miss. (Joe, if you’re reading, I want in on the first round!)

I've had the pleasure of working with Joe for close to two years. He's one of the most forward thinking individuals I've ever met. He has an incredible ability to identify challenges and create solutions that will alleviate them. Whether its a software he's selling to customers or a product he's created like RocketBoard, Joe understands how to simply solutions so it's easy for others to understand and implement. I cannot wait to see what other categories he's going to disrupt going forward. With RocketBoard, he's onto the first of many successful ventures.