Rohan Shah

Rohan Shah

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Buffalo, US
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interactiveX, Inc. (Classavo)

CEO, Engineer @interactiveX, Inc. (Classavo) • Co-Founder

Classavo helps professors & students engage in and outside of the classroom

Amazing things Rohan's made
Judge New Era Hackathon :

Alfred State Cyber Security Competition representing UB,

World's first Augmented Reality iOS game using Computational Mathematics. Awarded as the, “T​he best iOS App”​ by Apple, “ThebestIndieHack”​, Best Hack by Qualcomm"

Sharing notes using iBeacon to everyone in class, Awarded as the "Best Evernote API hack"

Made an interactive iOS ebook for Allan Turing, awarded as the "Best History App from Princeton University."

Business Card Sharing app, "EasyCards" interviewed with Y Combinator Sam Altman.

Rise of the Rest finalist, by AOL founder Steve Case

UB Entrepreneurial Fellow

Senator Recommendation Kirsten Gillibrand for work in Entrepreneurship

Judge, UB elevator Pitch Competition

Manoj Pooleery Director at Columbia Business School Venture for All® recommended interactiveX, Inc. (Classavo) where Rohan is Co-Founder

This is in support of interactiveX Inc. (Classavo)'s application. I had started working with them as an advisor mentor for over an year. In this time, I have seen them make tremendous strides both in terms of technology and profitability. The young, dynamic team led by a very charismatic founder Rohan Shah, is well balanced with the perfect combination of complementary skills to make any startup a success. One of the key things to note is that the company, with its very low burn rate, is already profitable and is looking at revenues in the six figures. They already have a strong client list with an impressive sales pipeline. I myself have been piloting their platform for my course at Columbia Business School.

Overall, I highly recommend this team and the venture. I believe they are poised to be the the biggest disruptor in the edtech spectrum.

Lisa Prince-Baker recommended interactiveX, Inc. (Classavo) where Rohan is Co-Founder

Classavo is an innovated tool for streamlining teaching and administrative duties in academia. Futuristic form and function addressing todays real world problems. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Steve Poland Co-Founder at Tender App recommended interactiveX, Inc. (Classavo) where Rohan is Co-Founder

Rohan and his team are working to make educational eBooks more interactive, resulting in a better understanding of core concepts by students. There is also room for disruption with the "book" that the teachers use in their classroom -- no one "book" fits all teachers for a subject, and InteractiveX is working with educators to customize the materials purchased/used by their students for their own teaching syllabus. Rohan and team would greatly benefit from joining an accelerator as they disrupt this large market opportunity.

David Thiemecke recommended interactiveX, Inc. (Classavo) where Rohan is Co-Founder

interactiveX is a leading education technology startup out of Buffalo, NY. Rohan Shah, Josh Krouse and the entire interactiveX team singlemindedly pursued their interactive ebook platform and surrounding course tools for more than a year. During that time, I served as judge for several of the competitions and programs they applied to advance their startup. I believe they are ready to broaden their team, find their niche in the coursebook industry, and validate the value of their product. They’ll show a good return on effort invested in them.