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Ron Steslow

Brand and marketing strategist. Independent political consultant.
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Washington, D. C., US
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Citizen Super PAC

Cofounder @Citizen Super PAC • Employee

Jan '15 - Present (5 years 7 months)

Tusk Digital

President @Tusk Digital • Employee

Nov '11 - Present (8 years 9 months)

Citizen Super PAC (Official)

Cofounder @Citizen Super PAC (Official) • Co-Founder

Citizen is the first people-powered super PAC.


Jack Gerard recommended Citizen Super PAC (Official) where Ron is Co-Founder

Creativity and politics are like oil and water. Citizen Super PAC democratizes the process in which content is promoted and ultimately broadcasted. By giving creators access to a crowdfunding platform backed by some of the best in the biz there is hope that the days of terrible political advertising will end. May the best content win!

In addition to surfacing better advertisements, Citizen Super PAC also encourages civic engagement by allowing everyone to be a Super PAC donor. I support this project because it puts the power back in the hands of the people.

Shawn McCoy recommended Citizen Super PAC (Official) where Ron is Co-Founder

I have followed Citizen Super PAC since it first launched as a reporter fascinated by the model these politically-savvy cofounders created. We’re currently experiencing a shift in politics across the political spectrum as Sanders adds a disclaimer to his campaign advertisements that they’re ‘not paid for by billionaires’ and Trump embraces his own billions to make it clear he won’t be beholden to any special interests. Regardless of what happens in the presidential campaign these next few months, the popularity of these two polar-opposite candidates speaks to the potential behind Citizen. Average Americans are fed up with special interest money driving the agenda. The rich will inevitably always have more influence than the average American, but this game-changing web platform serves to democratize the funding of political organizations and give even those of modest means the ability to make the same choices that are afforded to billionaires as they fund their candidates and causes.

Ali-Jae Asselstine recommended Citizen Super PAC (Official) where Ron is Co-Founder

Kickstarter meets political activism with Citizen Super PAC.

Founded by a seasoned political team with expertise in both digital and legal campaign affairs, Citizen Super PAC creates avenues for the individual to increase their political efficacy, and impact issues that matter most. Without a doubt, the opportunity Citizen Super PAC offers will impact the way voters see their role in future elections, and the ability they have to make a difference.

Mindy Finn recommended Citizen Super PAC (Official) where Ron is Co-Founder

The team at Citizen Super PAC, by empowering individuals to fund media directly, and transparently, has realized the intent of campaign finance reform. The two founders are consummate professionals with the legal and digital organizing experience to build a transformational product that will be opened to all citizens and all candidates across party and ideology. Citizen SuperPAC, a bold, fresh platform, puts the power back in the hands of individuals who want to see their money spent effectively and reflect their voice, and it has a sustainable business model to boot. Platforms abound to empower citizens to give money but not yet to spend that money in an independent, efficient way. Campaign finance reform unfortunately had the unintended consequences of further empowering wealthy individuals who could afford the legal infrastructure to run their own political organization to have undue influence on the electoral process. Citizen SuperPAC puts the power backs in the hands of the many.