Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson Marketing Content strategist; editorial, marketing, and communications specialist


I would strongly encourage you to accept Plantd Climbing into your program.  I believe they are tackling a problem of great importance and have the potential to generate a lot of market and brand-value. Additionally, Plantd's potential for collaboration with local businesses is high.
From a team and leadership perspective, Huade has an impressive technical background in composites and aerospace and I urge you not to pass an opportunity to invest in the team. Huade has been able to oversee every aspect of product development, from team & resource management to manufacturing setup.  Huade's long tenure and success at SpaceX, (a company known for quickly inducing burnout in even high performing individuals), speak to the level of dedication and grit he is capable of exhibiting in his work. I have no doubt he will be able to call on experience to perform well when navigating the stresses and challenges that comes with running a startup.