Product at a Glance

Describe about the problem that your product is solving and how it is achieved in comparison with the competition you have. We are bloody interested in your USP and Competition.

Growth Metrics

Please make it valid by integrating your Google Analytics, we also understand that you don't want to - but this shows us that your product has some validation with the market / reception with the market. If your startup is new, feel free to leave it blank, we understand that it takes a little bit of time for that first customer. (Keep hustling, this is how we understand your hustle)

How big is your Startup?

Oh yeah! we are excited to look at the number of jobs you've created and where all have you created those jobs. (Or are you expanding to territories that will give us goosebumps).


So you already did answer the question before but we want to know more.

Nominate in a Category

Please select the categories in which you belong to and answer the subsequent questions (you can nominate yourself in multiple categories, but it has to make sense!)

Extra Category Questions (Fintech / Deeptech / Smart City)

These are specific questions for the respective categories.