Safiya Mahdi

Safiya Mahdi

A young enthusiastic and energetic Nigerian who believes in her strengths.
General Business • Operations
Abuja, Nigeria
  • Retail
  • Administration
  • Business Strategy
  • Coaching
  • Customer Relations
  • Documentation
  • Event Planning
  • Kitchen
  • Logistics
  • Public Speaking
  • Teamwork
  • Vendor Relations
  • Workflow
Management Sciences for Health

Assistant(Admin) @Management Sciences for Health • Employee

International Secondary School ATBU Bauchi

International Secondary School ATBU Bauchi


Abu Maryam

Safiya is amiable, driven and very industrious. She has all the necessary ingredients to be a successful entrepreneur with the necessary mentoring and financial support

Usman Isiaku Abdullahi

A very promising young lady with a lot of zeal, innovative, honest and reliable. She can anything she puts her mind in.